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Guru Sukra Moudyami - Moodam in 2021 Telugu

Submitted by subhash on Wed, 12/23/2020 - 22:30

In the four months since December 2020 this year, there have been no better days for doing good deeds. Gurumudami has some trouble with Venus.

So if anyone wants to do something good, look no further than this 11th of January. Then let us know that there are only 1, 2 muhurtas. This Sharwari Nama year is from Friday 15th January to Thursday 11 -2-2021 i.e. Thursday from 15th January to Thursday 11th February so there is no good fortune. From that 11th date again to the twenty-second date there are only 2 muhurtas again. It was only for the 15th and 20th. That too only for home start-ups. Only work for any small event.

Venus is from February 22nd, 22-2-2021 to 28-4-2021, April 28th, 20-4-2021. No good luck from February 22nd to April 28th. Only February 15th and February 20th have any good luck. They are also useful for laying the foundation of the house. Let me inform you that these are also useful for any small good deeds.

Please watch video to know more about Moudyami 2021...

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