Poli Swargam 2021 Date -Poli Padyami 2021 Date and Tithi Time


Poli Padyami Date and Tithi Time | Poli Swargam Puja Time

The story that comes to mind at the end of Kartikam is 'Poli Swargam'. At the end of the month of Karthika, devotees get up early in the morning and bathe in the river. Light the lamps in the banana huts with the water-soaked vats and release them into the rivers. It has become a tradition to light lamps on amphibians before the Lord. On this day the women get up in the morning, finish their baths, worship in the temples and then light the lamps in the corners and leave. Lamps made of rice flour are mostly used. 

Poli Padyami Date and Tithi Time | Poli Swargam Puja Time

Date Sunday, December 5, 2021
Tithi Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Padyami (Poli Padyami)
Tithi Time Dec 04, 1:13 pm - Dec 05, 9:27 am
Poli Padyami 2021 / Poli Swargam Time Between 5 AM to 8 AM on December 5, 2021

Poli Swargam Story:

There is a story to tell why this festival is called Poli Swargam. Poli Swargam Nomu is one of the most celebrated Nomu by women with the utmost devotion. Poli Swargam Nomu, which has been around since ancient times, is affecting women of this generation as well. What is the story behind her? What is the custom of stretching it? That is, only interesting answers are heard.

The Poli Swargam is the story of the Telugu people. The lamp in the month of Karthika is not only a priority, but also a symbol of the need to follow the ritual serenely. Apparently there was a joint family in a village. The family consisted of five cousins. All of them have a great interest in worship and vratas from an early age. But the same interest was annoying to her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law believes that there is no other devotee of her own. Her arrogance is that she has the right to follow the rituals. That is why when the month of Kartik came, he would take the rest of the ax and go to the river, not the ax.

There he would bathe nicely in the river with his ax and light the lamps. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law, who was suspicious of where the daughter-in-law was lighting the lamp, left the house without any supplies to light the lamp.

Attempts by the mother-in-law not to put a similar lamp in Kartikam did not go well. It is like taking some cotton from a cotton tree in the yard and pressing it with it. Add butter to the kavva and light the lamp. The lamp also has a basket on it to keep it out of sight. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Finally the day of the new moon came. Karthikamasam is the last day so the mother-in-law went to bathe in the river that day too and leave the Kartikadeepas in style. Even that day, which was similar to going on, she went too far, handing over all the housework without bothering to put out the lights. But as usual, Karthik finished the housework and lit the lamp. No matter how many troubles came, no matter how difficult it was, the angels were mesmerized by the imitation of righteousness. Immediately the plane landed to take her to heaven with a bandage.

Just then, the mother - in - law and her cousins, who were returning home after bathing in the river, saw the plane and were devastated that it had come for them. But desperate for something similar in it. Attempts to hang on to similar legs in their eagerness to go to heaven with her anyway were to no avail. The angels on the plane brought them down, saying that they had a serene mind that could only reach heaven by comparison.

Against this backdrop, all the Telugu women light a lamp on the morning of the new moon and release it into the water. In this city life the custom of leaving these lamps in… tubs has been transformed as we have no access to ponds and rivers nearby. They look at the left banana lights and compare it.

Those who could not get up early in the morning to bathe in the river and light the lamps from the Ashviyuja new moon to the Karthika new moon. Even if the lamp cannot be lit on any day during the month of Kartik, if 30 lamps are lit on this day and left in water. It is also said that the virtue of doing Deeparadhana throughout the month comes.

If possible, on this day, Brahmins donate lamps or cooking utensils. The Telugus consider this imitation and the lamp as a form of Srimahalakshmi. Therefore, many people light these lamps not on the day of the new moon, but on the day of Padyami, which falls in Next Day. This is the police category detail! The next question is whether we will reach heaven with a bundle if the lights of the month of Kartik are lit. When there is a mind to follow the ritual, to say that the path looks the same on its own pushes the intimacy of this story.

Indicates that one needs diligence but not sophistication to measure God. Above all it warns of why greedy pujas are greedy. It teaches morality that there should be harmony among the abductors. That is why the story of the police is heard in every Telugu month and in every Telugu house.