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Why Nakshatra Darshanam after fasting?

Submitted by admin on Sat, 12/05/2020 - 11:16

The thing to know in this video is that many people fast (Upavasam) for many days in the month of Kartik (Karthika Masam), Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Maha Shivaratri, Sankatahara Chaturthi, Kedareshwara Nomu, Atlataddi Nomu, Bhishma Ekadashi, etc. Eat and get the result of that fast (Upavasam). Why do we Namaskar (Namaskaram) the real stars? Who will stay with the stars? There is one thing we need to know before saying that.

In the constellation of the stars, that is, in the polar zone, Shankara is measured. Telling how it is. Shankara in any case after the period of pollution of this galaxy, after the emergence of the stars, after the moonrise, the companion of 27 stars, the companion of the 9 new planets, the companion of the eight highest rulers, Vigneswara, Nandi, Subrahmanyeshwara Swami in the presence of Goddess Parvati on the left side of the heart, Ganga Devi with half hair (jata) Devi With, With the crescent on his head, with cobra (Naga Raja) ornaments, holding a trident in his hand like a fire weapon, while the gods and demons greetings(Namaskaram), Surasura Namaskrutam (Mantra) means that the gods and goddesses are also saluting, drinking nectar with a silver plate and enjoying the night in the constellation every night. Where all this happens is what happens every day.

Where that is what happens every day in the galaxy. So that Shankara will be with all the deities in the galaxy tonight, along with Goddess Parvati, so if they all do so, as a witness of the octogenarians, As a result of this fast (Upavasam) which we have scientifically performed as a witness of the Panchabhutas, with the grace of all the gods, we will get rid of all the bugs, get rid of all the bugs of Navagraha, live with longevity for as long as we live, have the riches of Siri and finally immerse ourselves in Shankara. That is why we become rhythmic in the deserving Shankara.

So this is what evening fasting (Upavasam) is all about. Since all these deities Parvati Parameswara are measured there, that Jagata Pitarau Vande (Mantra), i.e. Parvati Parameswara is our parents. Greetings to those parents, If this fast (Upavasam) is fulfilled, the result of that fast (Upavasam) will be that all of us will be happy and that the star will be seen. I also inform all those who are fasting (Upavasam) to practice all these and get the blessings of the Parvati Gods.

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