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Why Nakshatra Darshanam after fasting?

Many people fast (Upavasam) for many days in the month of Kartik (Karthika Masam), Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Maha Shivaratri, Sankatahara Chaturthi,…

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Poli Swargam 2020 - When is Poli Padyami or Poli Swargam in 2020?

Some people perform Deepams from Karthika Bahula Padyami to the Amavasya. Next day on Padyami day (Poli Swargam) we go to the river and for what we…

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Karthika Pournami 2020 Date

What we learn in this video is that this year (2020) everyone has a little bit of knowledge about the Karthika Masam. Should this Karthika Masam be…

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Why Do We Immerse the Ashes of the Dead in the Ganga?

Up to forty days after death, the becoming also needs time to finally leave the body. And if you have burned the body, it can search for some…

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How to Deeparadhana at Home?

Deeparadhan is the most significant event that happens in any temple. A small fire is ignited in a plate with the aid of camphor or with the help of…

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