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Subrahmanya Sashti 2020 Pooja Vidhanam

Submitted by subhash on Sun, 12/13/2020 - 11:43

Subrahmanya Sashti 2020 - Skanda Sashti 2020 Pooja Vidhanam

The thing we know about this video is that we're talking about Subramanya Sashti. Why was the Subrahmanieshwara born? How was he born there? How do you worship this Subrahmanyeshwara Swami? What are the implications of the puja?

This year the year of Sharvari Nama is Margashir Shuddha Sashti, which means the day of the birth of Kumara Swami. The year 2020 arrived on Sunday the 20th of December. Sunday is the favourite day of Ubrahmanyeshwara Swami, but Margashira Shuddha Sashti is the day he was born, the day he loved the most. On this day of Margashir Shuddha Sashti, all the gods asked Shankara to destroy Tarakasura, and Shankara gave his semen to the gods in the form of a charism. The god of fire took it and left it in a pool of water that he could not take. In between holy garass, Kumaraswamy was born in the pool of water, the name of which is Saravana Bhavan. A super-powered weapon in one hand is a diamond weapon in the other, offering redemption in the other hand and holding the other hand in a lumbar position is very heavy.

If we follow this Subrahmanyeswara as it is, we will get rid of eye diseases. The sciences suggest that cold fevers will decrease and all longevity health benefits will follow. Thus Kumaraswamy, who was born in Margashir Shuddha Shashti, Tarakasura was murdered. After the slaughter at Tarakasura, all the gods applauded. This Margashir Shuddha Sashti is called Kumara Sashti, and Skanda Sashti is called Subramanya Sashti. If we worship this Kumaraswamy, who is so energetic with devotional attention, all our wishes will also be fulfilled. And in some places milk and sugar had been brought to this lord in the form of kavadi, and the childless had given them to Mrokkoni, who had several children. If we worship this Subrahmanya, who is so powerful, then Subramanieshwara is the head of Kujudi, then Kuja's going to go without Kuja Dosha.

This Subramanyaswaraswamy favourite prasadam (Prasada) is sesame seeds like jaggery with gingili paste, he likes Vadapappu, he likes chalipindi, he likes bananas, and most of all, Pongali is very dear to him. So, every one of you, fast on this Subramanya Sashti day, if there's a mound first, pour some milk in the mound and stir it a little, philtre it, place the sesame seeds and the banana close to the mound. So while some people are without mounds, in some mosques, there are no mounds in some major cities. So what they're doing is going to the temples, where there are gods like this pair of snakes. Go to the idols who are twin nags, wash the idols of clean twin nags with dry water and wash them with cow's milk. Even if possible, anoint with panchamrite again. Sciences indicate that because the valley of Subrahmanyeshwara is then washed clean with water, the two forms are both well yellowed, saffron-stained, both adorned with flowers, and then ganaka puja or ashtottara puja with red flowers.

On the occasion of the auspicious Ashtottara Shatanama Puja and the anointing of the Subrahmanya, we're going to cool down, you're going to offer chimmiri, panakali, putli, send alms to the Lord, take those offerings to the Lord, and if we have dinner in the evening, we're going to have the supper of the subrahmanya. , Infertile to those who do not have offspring, sees to it that marriage comes easily to those who defer marriage. Makes those who are ill to stay well. Those that have eye disorders or diseases must use Subrahmanya Sashti and worship Valli Sameta Subrahmanyeswara Swami and seek the blessings of that Swami. So each of them should worship this Subrahmanyeshwara Swami with devotion, receive Swami's blessings, receive Swami's Tirtha Prasadam, and get the right outcome.

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